Hi! I'm Teddy, and I want to tell you some good, fun and important stuff for your heart.


In the beginning God made everything. He made the light, the ground, the sun, the grass and trees, the birds and snails…everything.


He is so smart and so strong that all He had to do was say the words and it was there.

He made the day and the night, the land and the oceans, the trees and the fruit, the birds and the fish and the tigers and elephants…everything. He put moon and sun and stars in the sky and the whales in the oceans.


He filled them with happiness and told them to have lots of babies and to fill up the world.


Then he made a man from the dust on the ground. He made him just like Himself. He breathed into the man His Spirit of life and he lived. And He put the man in charge over all the world.



He saw what He made and it was very good.

This wonderful One who made everything that we enjoy, made us like Himself. And he loves us and will be with us and help us forever.

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